5 Ways for Brokers to Increase health Insurance Policy Sales in 2014 | Affordable Health Insurance

5 Ways for Brokers to Increase health Insurance Policy Sales in 2014

Health insurance has been on everybody’s lips since the tumultuous passing of the Affordable Care Act. Some people think that the government should not force anyone to purchase anything. Others think that universal health care is important and should be provided, despite the cost. No matter your opinion on this fiercely-debated topic, the health insurance landscape has changed. Health insurance brokers can take advantage of the change. Here are 10 ways for insurance brokers to increase their sales this year:

Be the go-to person for information on the Affordable Care Act-Obamacare passed, but some states are still questioning its constitutionality. Some states have embraced it; others still bristle at it. Some states are not enforcing its new rules, other states aren’t sure what is required. A great way to increase your sales as a health insurance broker is to know the ins and outs of this complex law. Know what the government will enforce by law. Know what small businesses are required to provide. You can transfer this knowledge to your clients who will appreciate your expertise.http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/cheap-health-insurance

Learn about inbound marketing-Inbound marketing ensures that anyone who is looking for information on health insurance is driven to your name, your website, or your phone number. Make your presence known on Facebook and other social media to get your name out there. Hire an SEO writer to help drive traffic to your website. Don’t forget about print media; it is still an effective way for people to get connected to your phone number. Inbound marketing is a great way to help move people to you for sales.

Be a gap-filler-The date to sign up for Obamacare came and went. In the end a little over 7 million people signed up before the cut-off date. What about the millions and millions of other people required to sign up for health insurance? You can be the person to fill in the gaps for those who have not yet signed up for health care coverage.

Embrace the change-The health care exchanges are individual’s first foray into picking their own health care providers. Sign up to be a registered provider. You can offer to help consumers with choosing their health care. You can lead them to more products that they qualify for with the use of federal tax credits.


• Profit from the change-There are individuals who choose to snub the government’s offer of insurance at a discount. This is because in many cases, the insurance is much more expensive than the plan they previously had. There is an entire industry out there profiting from people refusing to purchase a government plan. Instead they are opting for non-government plans, religious plans, and bi-partisan plans. These private exchanges can offer plans comparable to that of the government. You can set up a private exchange to funnel people to other plans for health insurance.

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